This beautiful Belgian landscape is the perfectacquisition
 to commemorate your European experience
 or gift to a friend

The  elegant Chateau de La Hulpe situated in the beautiful
Domaine Solvay  biological  nature reserve and park is steeped in rich history and stately setting and reigns as one of Belgium's most beloved landmarks. Albert Einstein and Madame Curie are just two of the renown figures who met during conferences about medical advances and important topics of the day. A worthy additoin to any collection, it can also be gifted to another for long term remembrance of its beauty and your memories sharing the magnificent grounds for family walks and bike rides in all seasons.  It is the perfect  answer to gain maximum enjoyment for a fraction of the cost of an original oil painting.

The companion to the artwork is a stunning color- wrapped hardcover book with 40- full color pages. Three sections cover each facet of how the painting was created and explain  in text and photo the grounds, architecture and descendants who have owned it before being acquisitioned to the state for public events; a photo journal showing the step-by- step creation of the original painting itself and a one-page biography about the artist.

Owning such a work of art allows one to admire  Belgian patrimony, national pride and sheer emotional attachment this lovely park and charming architecture garners with each visitor.  Take a visual "walk" on the grounds and meander across the generous terraces past ancient fountains, through the precise layout and meticulous grooming of the English Garden, the French 'jardin', the nature steps of the Belvedere  and relax with romantic, life-partnered floating swans. Each time you  revisit this magical setting under the abundant and water-reflective terrain with the castle as backdrop.  Low Country cumulous skies will undoubtedly lend never-ending admiration and unforgetable memories of its beauty for many years to come. 

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